Tesla gives some Model S cars remote upgrades due to Hurricane Florence

Some cars are now supercharger compatible, others have more range

Tesla is remotely enabling supercharging and boosting battery capacity in some older models to make it easier for Tesla owners to make it to safety from the path of Hurricane Florence, away from evacuation areas. The models in question are some Model S 60s and some Model S 70s, which either haven't had the supercharging option enabled at purchase time, or have software-locked battery capacity. Owners of these cars will see a message on the car's screen informing them of the temporary capability available through "some time in October."

The information comes from the website of Triangle Tesla, which is a Tesla owners' organization independent from the carmaker. The site contains a wealth of emergency information for Tesla drivers in the affected region, including tips how to evacuate safely, and whether any North/South Carolina area Superchargers are congested or offline. Triangle Tesla also reminds owners to take their mobile charge connector with them when leaving towards a safer area, and that slowing down is the best way to extend range on the road.

A year ago when Hurricane Irma struck Florida, Tesla also remotely bumped some locked-capacity battery cars from 60 kWh to 75 kWh to give the cars an extra 30-40 miles of range in evacuation conditions. The over-the-air range improvement done now is similar.

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