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Next-gen Kia Soul EV spied

We get a peek at its new design

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Our spy shooters recently caught the next-generation Kia Soul wearing camouflage and showing bits and pieces of its new design. Now, we've got spy shots of the next Kia Soul EV, and it's testing at the Nürburgring.

Our shooter points out the spot on the grille for the charging port, as well as the "E" on the license plate, that point to this being the electric version of the Soul. And, of course, we don't see any tailpipes hanging off the back.

Similar to the last shots we saw of the regular Soul, the EV gets new lighting front and rear. We see what looks like signature LED lighting strips below the actual headlights — and if the previous spy shots are any clue, this strip could extend across the entire nose. One other feature we notice is the sensor placed low in the front fascia, which could mean the new Soul EV will be equipped with adaptive cruise control, along with other active safety features.

In back, the lighting starts high and curves inward like a big boomerang. It looks like Kia is trying very hard to keep the rear of the car under heavy garb, so we might expect there to be other major design changes back there.

We can't see from photos any other clues about the electric powertrain, but there's a good chance the Soul EV will use a version of the Hyundai Kona Electric's running gear. For the U.S. the EPA just announced driving range of 258 miles in that vehicle, though other markets also get an entry-level version with a smaller battery.

We're happy to see progress being made on the Soul EV, and are looking forward to some of that camo coming off. Loading up the suspension on the Nürburgring looks like a riot, and probably indicates testing of thermal management and the resulting performance (and losses thereof).

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