2018 Woodward Dream Cruise | Old Woodward is a dream within a dream

The cruise spins off car shows all along its route

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The Woodward Dream Cruise involves a lot of cruising, yes, but all up and down the route, there are places where cars gather, sometimes in clans — a den of Vipers to the north, Mustang Alley to the south — and other events akin to any good old car show. In downtown Birmingham, Mich., along Old Woodward Avenue parallel to the cruise, a number of choice classic cars gather every year, some of which do the cruise later in the day, and some of which are too nice for that.

On one end of the show is the Chevy display, this year featuring the Camaro ZL1 that recently set a Nurburgring record, along with some new 2019 Corvette ZR1s plus a ZR-1 from 1989. Then, up the street, are some fascinating oldies including a Nash looking a lot like a Duesenburg; a Rolls-Royce or two; some old LIncolns and Caddys; a six-door Pontiac wagon; plus a cluster of Corvettes, an amalgamation of AMCs, and a soiree of Studebakers. Every year, Old Woodward is the gathering place for about 20 Ford Model A's, as seen in the video below. And like all car shows, it's a chance to meet and chat with the proud owners.

So be sure to check out our main gallery of the 2018 Dream Cruise, but shown above is a smaller gallery sampling of what you'd see on a stroll along Old Woodward.

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