Evacuation by drone is right around the corner

This thing even has a rocket propelled parachute

The Cormorant is a compact, unmanned, single-engine aircraft. It could be the next leap forward for first responders.

Transcript: Tactical robotics' Cormorant is a new unmanned drone. The drone has two main cabins that hold 27 cubic feet of cargo with a cargo capacity of 970 pounds. Its payload capacity allows for the evacuation of 2 casualties. Two encased rotors are mounted on each side of the drone's tail. A single turbocharged engine powers all four rotors. This makes the footprint of the Cormorant much smaller than a traditional helicopter, allowing the Cormorant to go places where helicopters never could. An optional rocket-propelled parachute deploys if the rotors fail. Do you think this can be the next leap forward for first responders?

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