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The one-make Electric GT Championship recently unveiled its Tesla Model S P100DL race car in Barcelona. The modified EV took to the track to show off what a lightened version of the car with a stock powertrain is capable of. One driver lucky enough to sample the car was none other than Tiff Needell of "Top Gear" fame.

Tiff gives a good rundown of the Tesla Electric GT car, pointing out the flax fiber bodywork, aero bits, racing suspension and brakes, Pirelli slicks and stripped interior. He notes that it weighs about 1,000 pounds less than the stock Model S P100D.

Then he hops in the car and takes it around the circuit. It's quite interesting to hear the whooshing of the wind as he builds speed. All the while, Needell narrates the experience, providing excellent insight into how the car performs on the hot track. He does admit, "It's hard to predict how successful this formula is going to be."

It's interesting to hear what such seasoned racer has to say about a car even before the inaugural race. The fact that it's an electric car makes it only more interesting.

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