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If you have useless stuff filling up the footwells of your car, get rid of it all now. Accumulated unnecessary clutter, no matter how little, is the first step to what we're seeing here: a Honda CR-V so full of random stuff that the driver couldn't keep it between the lines anymore.

Surrey Police in the U.K. stopped the vehicle, as it was reported to be driven erratically. One of the reasons for that was the fact the driver wasn't wearing their glasses as required, but the other reason was that the CR-V was crammed so full of junk it had started to impede the Honda's drivability. The photo tweeted by the police shows a tennis racquet, a scale, a tripod, folders, bags, a skateboard – the things you cannot see are the pedals and the gearshift.

Everyone's cars get a little cluttered now and then, but this should be good motivation to vacuum yours if you've been putting it off.

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