Last week, we wrote about the 1,000-horsepower, SVE-tuned Yenko Camaro available through Chevy dealers. But if a Camaro isn't your thing, there are places to go for a brand-new, turnkey car with a lot more horsepower than what the factory once gave it. Lebanon Ford, for example, likes to supercharge its Mustangs.

In 2016, the Ohio-based dealer could put a customer behind the wheel of a 727-horsepower Mustang, one that definitely rivaled anything Hellcat-badged from Mopar. This year, there's even more power courtesy, and the sticker's a reasonable-sounding $39,995.

Lebanon Ford starts with a 2018 Mustang GT, which they have priced at $31,785. A three-liter Whipple Stage 1 supercharger kit comes on top, giving you five bucks in exchange from $40k. The end result is 800 horsepower at the crank, and they have the dyno sheets to prove it. The Whipple blower extracted 775 crank horsepower out of a test car, and further tuning got it to an even 800. For any fine tuning needs, a Whipple Tomahawk handheld tuner tool is included.

Of course, you can spend a lot more than $40,000 at the dealer, given that they also sell a $3,000 upgrade which updates drivetrain parts to better withstand that momentous power figure. We think that is a wise choice, even if we'd at least try harnessing the 800-horsepower Mustang with just a manual gearbox. If you want a ten-speed automatic instead, that's $1,595 more. Along with stripe packages, they will probably also sell you some trunk nets to keep your shopping in place, just in case you want to use some of that power after a grocery run. The suction cup Garfield in the rear window is going to have a bad day, no matter what.

There are a few caveats: the supercharger kit kills the Ford powertrain warranty. For a little less than a grand, you can specify a three-year Whipple warranty that covers it. The rest of the car's parts are still warrantied from factory, Whipple'd or not. Builds begin in less than a month, with the orders open already. Lebanon Ford says their "LFP" packages could extend to cars other than the Mustang in the future.

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