Knightscope K7 is like RoboCop on wheels

Transcript: Autonomous four-wheeled security guard. K7 is the newest addition to the Knightscope Inc. autonomous security fleet. Weighing 770 lbs the 4-wheel mobile security system is designed for multi-terrain applications. Potential operating locations: airports, prisons, power substations, and solar and wind farms. The K7 has holonomic steering which makes it acts like a “crab” rotating or moving side to side. Knightscope Inc. also has the K1, which has the capability of detecting concealed weapons. K3 and K5 are already autonomously patrolling parking lots and businesses. Just like its cousins the K7 uses LiDAR, sonar, GPS, thermal imaging, license plate recognition, and people detection. The mission of Knightscope Inc. is the predicting and detecting crime. The security company Knightscope Inc. added a new autonomous mobile security bot to its arsenal. The K7 is an autonomous four-wheeled security bot designed for use in all-terrain applications. The company sees its K7 bot being useful for patrolling large areas like prisons, power substations, and solar and wind farms. Knightscape Inc.’s mission is focused on the prediction and detection of crime. Learn more at

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