Your 2018 Jeep Wrangler can already be fitted with a Chevy LS V8

If you're not happy with the V6 or the four-cylinder, Bruiser Conversions will drop in a Chevy V8

Over a long enough period of time, every car model on the planet will probably have at least one example receive a Chevrolet V8. And a large number of them will have an LS-series V8, commonly found in Corvettes and Camaros from the last 20 years (plus other GM vehicles in slightly different forms). Sometimes it doesn't take very long, as is the case with the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. The new Jeep has only been available for a couple of months, and already a company called Bruiser Conversions is offering to install LS engines under the hood.

Specifically, the company will install a GM Performance LS3 V8. Though Bruiser Conversions doesn't yet list exactly what specifications the engine has, it offers the LS3 in both 450- and 500-horsepower versions on the previous Wrangler JK generation. The new V8 will be fitted to the factory 8-speed automatic transmission, and the company says that the transmission will function exactly as it does with the original V6 or turbo inline-4. In addition, Bruiser Conversions says all factory gauges, cruise control, hill descent control and other electronic aids will work like they did from the factory.

Pricing is currently not listed for the conversion, but the company is taking pre-orders for both in-shop installations and do-it-yourself kits. Going off the conversion costs for an older JK Wrangler, it will probably cost between $20,000 and $30,000 to have Bruiser Conversions do the installation. In the case of the JK kits, they're about $5,000 less than having Bruiser Conversions do the work. We've reached out to the company to see if we can get specific pricing and will update the post if and when we hear back.

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