Transcript: Robotic teamwork makes the robotic dream work. Robotics maker Boston Dynamic’s latest video shows one robot helping another robot. The video begins with a 30 kg SpotMini robot struggling to get through a closed door. Before the bot gives up a four-legged friend with a “fifth arm” comes around the corner to lend a “hand.” If you love robotics, are a sci-fi fan, or just like cool videos you need to check out the Boston Dynamics YouTube page. Boston Dynamics began as a spin-off from MIT its mission is to build machines that “break boundaries and work in the real world.” In the latest video from robotics maker Boston Dynamics one robot helps another robot get through a closed door. The company has tons of cool footage of its bots doing interesting things, they are worth following on YouTube. You can learn more about the SpotMini bot and Boston Dynamics other creations at

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