Teenager adam lansing has converted a 1980 toyota celica into an electric car he spent four years building his homemade EV. A 30-kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery pack gives the toyota a 130-mile range. Lansing has now started his own company, hawkeye innovations llc a company that performs gasoline-to-electric conversions. Transcript: ELECTRIC CELICA BUILT BY TEEN *** HAS 130-MILE RANGE TEENAGER ADAM LANSING HAS CONVERTED A 1980 TOYOTA CELICA INTO AN ELECTRIC CAR HE SPENT FOUR YEARS BUILDING HIS HOMEMADE EV WORKING UP TO 20 HOURS A DAY ON THE CAR. ADAM SAYS HE REBUILT THE CELICA 52 TIMES CORE IV AND PLASMA BOY RACING SPONSORED THE REBUILD THE SPONSORS GAVE ADAM A 30-KILOWATT-HOUR LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE BATTERY PACK NEEDED TO PROVIDE THE 130-MILE RANGE LANSING HAS NOW STARTED HIS OWN COMPANY, HAWKEYE INNOVATIONS LLC A COMPANY THAT PERFORMS GASOLINE-TO-ELECTRIC CONVERSIONS

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