Evald Jåstad of Norway says he's "living the dream." Beloved by locals, he drives a Ford Focus RS as a taxi. Starting his day, he drives his son, Martin to daycare who absolutely loves the RS, shouting, "More gas, more gas!"

Transcript: The coolest Taxi Driver in the world. Would you drive a sports car as a taxi? Evald Jåstad of Norway does. He drives a 350 hp Ford Focus RS. Locals have nicknamed his RS "Blue Lightning." Every morning Evald Jåstad starts his day by driving his son, Martin to daycare. Martin clearly loves the ride as he yells 'Bånn gass! Bånn gass! – More gas! More gas!" Within 18 months Blue Lightning already has 78,914 miles. With a 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 Engine, this RS is capable of 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. "There are not many people who can say they live their dream. But I am definitely one of them." Evald Jåstad

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