Techstars Mobility event starts now, highlighting the future of mobility

And it's all happening in Detroit.

We're at one of the most exciting times in automotive history. Technology continues marching forward – cars are faster, safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than ever before – and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Detroit, the spiritual home of the automotive industry in America, is leading the way forward.

The third-annual Techstars Mobility demo days event is taking place at the Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts today, and some exciting announcements are being made. A total of 11 companies from five different countries will be presenting at the event, offering insights into the ever-changing notion of mobility.

Take, for instance, Carma Car, a company that will lease you a car for a few hundred dollars a month, including maintenance and insurance. If you don't like the specific model you're driving, you can swap for a different vehicle after 30 days. This sounds similar in principle to the subscription model announced by Polestar, except that the service isn't tied to one particular car company.

To help keep track of all the effort going into defining the future of mobility, Techstars Mobility today announces the #StartupDetroit branding initiative. In addition, four of the startups that were part of Techstars Mobility class are opening offices in Michigan.
  • Derq, from Dubai, was spun off from MIT and is working on AI-based vehicle-to-x software applications.
  • EcoG, from Munich, Germany, is working on how to monetize sustainable electric car charging products.
  • SEEVA Technology, from Seattle, Washington, which specializes in keeping windshields, cameras, and LIDAR clean and accurate.
  • Vartega, from Golden, Colorado, specializes in low-cost recycled carbon fiber technologies.

If you want to see how it all unfolds, click here for the livestream from YouTube.

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