Las Vegas hero and Marine vet Taylor Winston gets free F-150 pickup

He commandeered a Chevy but was presented with a Ford.

Taylor Winston, the Marine and Iraq war veteran who stole a service truck to help transport victims of the Las Vegas shooting to the hospital, now has a customized Ford F-150, courtesy of a dealership in Arizona that was touched by the story of individual bravery amid mass tragedy.

B5 Motors, a used and certified automobile dealership in Gilbert, Ariz., took to Twitter to call for help tracking Winston down on Oct. 4, according to CNN. About seven hours later, they announced they'd found the San Diego resident.

"Most of us would have ran and never came back," B5 Motors' owner, Shane Beus, told CNN. "His military training allowed him to think in a split second what to do."

Winston, who served two tours in Iraq, told "CBS This Morning" that he was dancing with his girlfriend at the country music festival Oct. 1 when the shooting began. He initially ran for cover, then saw people getting shot and realized they needed help. He said he helped people climb over a fence, then found a white Chevy service truck with the keys inside. "I started looking for people to take to the hospital," Winston said. "There was just too many, and it was overwhelming how much blood was everywhere."

He estimates he took 20 to 30 people to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center.

Beus said the dealership selected the used F-150 but let Winston choose between it and two other vehicles in the $20,000 price range. The dealership posted a Facebook Live video to show Winston being handed the keys and driving away.

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