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Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept is a matte black targa-topped grown-up GT86

Check out the super-cool shifter.

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Let's say you're a Japanese television executive looking for a suitable car to reboot the extremely-'80s "Knight Rider" series that gave David Hasselhoff's career a turbo boost. But since you've also seen the earlier reboot attempts, you decide to go with a Japanese car to handily bypass the choice between a Mustang and a Camaro made to look like a Trans-Am. You need something that will breathe new life into a sporty car that's offered to the public, and it's best to be rear-wheel drive. The result must undoubtedly be the Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept.

Looking at what seems like a targa top, matte black GT86, the above daydream must be the reasoning behind Toyota's new concept, soon to be seen at the Tokyo Motor Show. The sports coupe concept has a differently angry face than the existing 86, and as Toyota puts it, the body color "expresses power and aggressiveness." The concept is larger than the GT86, meaning it would possibly have a new platform underneath. The engine benefits from race-inspired hybrid tech, but the interesting thing is an automated gearbox with a manual H-pattern, instead of just plus and minus signs. The ignition switch has been placed inside the gear lever, in the style of the ejection seat release in 007's Aston Martin DB5. For normal use, the PRND buttons are mounted in the dashboard as well as the manual mode switch.

If anything, the GR HV SPORTS gives an interesting insight into how Toyota plans to develop its small sports car segment. And the new nose could be a welcome addition to the 86's polarizing looks. Now, we only need that Japanese "Knight Rider" reboot to be truly happy.

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