Driving an actual bipedal mech suit | Translogic 221

So this is a thing now, not just the stuff of movies

We'll be honest, over the years on Translogic we've featured a lot of potentially scary tech. Like in many facets of life, though, often the things that seem the most frightening actually turn out to be some of the most incredible. On this episode, we reach new heights of both fear and amazement as our host Bucko actually gets to drive a fully functional, bipedal, outrageously badass mech suit.

The journey starts at Hankook Mirae Technology in South Korea, where the suit is currently being worked on. Hankook Mirae Technology Chairman Yang Jin-Ho took some time to talk to us about the tech behind the suit and where the inspiration came from. "[Method2] is the first robot in the world that a human can get into and freely move around in," said Yang. He goes on to explain that "the greatest thing about this robot is the hands, which means it can be applied in many situations that require very delicate work, but that also require very strong forces." Bucko experiences this firsthand as the robot effortlessly and carefully lifts him off the ground.

After chatting about the suit for a bit, Bucko was itching to get into the driver's seat. The crew positioned a rolling staircase flush with the cockpit, and our intrepid host climbed into the machine to live out a real life Gundam pilot fantasy.

When the cockpit closes, the entire inside is washed with ambient red lighting, adding to the overall sci-fi feel of the moment. It's exactly how you'd expect an exoskeleton seat to look thanks to the movies, but this time it's real. The arms and fingers of the machine are surprisingly nimble, but the Goliath mech still seems to lumber back and forth through the warehouse due to its size and weight. It's quite a sight to behold, and as a viewer, you should stop reading this and behold it in the video above. Trust us, it's pretty awesome.

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