Car enthusiasts, everywhere, Land Rover has heard your cries and has now answered the question, "Which is faster, a Land Rover Discovery Sport or a team of sled dogs?" Wait, what's that? You say you never asked that question? It must've been an internal question, then, since Land Rover went ahead and raced one against some sled dogs in an underground snow tunnel.

The race is closer than you might expect. This is due to some small ice blocks placed on the Land Rover's path to slow it down. We won't spoil the winner for you here, but the victor takes the win "by a nose."

The whole thing is a little silly, but still fairly fun to watch. If for no other reason, you get to see some cute huskies running around in a cool underground snow facility. And of course if you're a normal person with normal questions about the Land Rover Discovery Sport, check out our review.

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