To celebrate the company's 115th anniversary, Cadillac has introduced a special edition of the CTS-V called the Glacier Metallic Edition. Apparently, Cadillac really likes creating special edition models focused on ice and cold. The name comes from the exclusive Glacier Metallic paint, which to us looks like a shade of white, but according to Cadillac, it's actually gray.

Cadillac CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition wheel

In addition to the special color, the car also includes the normally optional Carbon Fiber Package and Luxury Package, along with red Brembo brake calipers. It also fits silver and gray forged wheels instead of the black ones the Carbon Fiber Package typically comes with. All the other features, including driving instruction in Las Vegas, are the same as a normal CTS-V.

Cadillac CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition interior

This special edition Cadillac isn't cheap, though. It runs $103,885. Optioning out a regular CTS-V in the same way as the Glacier Metallic model would save you roughly $6,000, and you wouldn't be missing any features. What you would miss out on would be the exclusivity. Cadillac is only building 115 CTS-Vs in this special color. So if you want to stand out -- at least as much as you can with such a subtle color -- the CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition is the Caddy to buy.

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