When you're a 90-year-old lady, you meet the nicest people at a PIggly Wiggly. Well, maybe the first person wasn't so nice, but everybody else was fantastic.

An elderly woman recently was placing her groceries in her car trunk in the grocery-store parking lot Aug. 23 in Racine, Wis., when a young woman approached her to ask if she needed help. The reply was no, she "needed the exercise."

That's when the younger woman, identified by KTNV-TV as Lacy Lanciloti, reportedly hugged the older woman — and in the process slipped her purse off her arm and ran off.

She was getting in her own car when other customers closed in on her. Cellphone video rolling, of course.

"You shouldn't have done that to the old lady, lady," said Mykicia Lovelace, who was taking the video.

Police said a witness to the theft held Lanciloti's car door open to recover the purse. Someone else swiped Lancilot's keys, ignoring her pleas to "Give me my keys." Others blocked her so she couldn't leave before police arrived.

"You ain't getting your keys, you are going to jail tonight," Lovelace told her.

Lanciloti was charged with the theft of the purse, and also with taking a bottle of wine from the Piggly Wiggly before the robbery.

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