2019 Volvo XC40 will have a trash can, tissue box holder

It's all shown via a desk.

Automotive teasers don't typically reveal much. We usually get a miniscule glimpse of a car, and almost no other information about it. Volvo has changed things up a bit with its latest XC40 teaser, though. This one doesn't show a single piece of the car, but it actually reveals quite a bit about the interior, thanks to creative use of a desk and the input of designers.

The video teaser above features two of Volvo's designers who talk about how they came up with ideas for different interior features. They learned how people around the world use their cars and what they bring along, and found the common threads between them. This led them to include a number of interesting features including storage for a tissue box, since many drivers have one, and a trash can, to keep people from stuffing trash in storage bins and cup holders. They also added a pop-out hook for bags and purses, and expanded the door pockets by moving the door speakers somewhere else.

Unfortunately, with the XC40's reveal still a ways out, we don't actually get to see any of the real interior. Instead we have to make do with the desk representation. But from what we've seen in spy shots, the interior should continue the company's simple, elegant design language. We're also expecting the car to make its debut in less than a year, since the car should be on sale next year.

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