Dodge Demon exorcised by Rhys Millen in new video

The Demon can go around corners. Sideways.

When you call your car something like the Demon, it provides plenty of opportunity to play around with the name ­— especially when said car has 840 horsepower directed to the rear wheels. Pennzoil is doing just that in the above video, called "Exorcising the Demon."

In it, Rhys Millen tears up the streets of Pittsburgh at night in a black and yellow Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, smoking tires, popping wheelies and breaking the rear end loose in massive drifts around corners. He even pulls a pretty hairy 360. It's certainly a lot different sort of driving from the straight-line drag-strip experience for which the Dodge Demon was purpose-built.

At the end of the video, Millen parks the car below a gargoyle, whose eyes briefly glow a menacing red. Millen sends a text message saying "The Demon is back in its place." The response: "Das good. How are you in the Ring?" (Hmm.) Then the clip ends, and we're told the story will be continued.

If you don't want to wait for more cinematic Demon action, you can check out Pennzoil's behind-the-scenes video, called, "Unleashing Unprecedented Power." In it, we get to see more angles of the stunt driving, hear about the production, and, of course, get a plug for Pennzoil:

Pennzoil also offers a few other Dodge Demon videos, one about the car's development, one about its performance, and a third focused on Pennzoil Synthetics. Earlier this year, Pennzoil also did a similar video series to bid farewell to the Dodge Viper.

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