Dashboard glare could net Porsche owners free sunglasses

At some point, everyone that drives a car will be temporarily blinded by a flash of light reflecting off a window, trim piece or dashboard. In certain 2007 to 2016 Porsches, the problem was so prominent and widespread that a class-action lawsuit was filed against the German automaker. Motor Trend recently discovered the terms of the settlement. If you purchased sunglasses in order to cut down on the glare coming from the dashboard, you could be eligible for $50 to $175 in compensation.

While that's not nearly enough to cover the purchase of a sweet pair of Porsche Design sunglasses, it's a whole lot better than nothing. The lawsuit claims that cars with Cognac, Luxor Beige, Natural Brown, Platinum Grey or Sand Beige interiors are defective and the glare is a factory flaw. The plaintiffs claim that the purchase of sunglasses is a modification intended to fix this flaw. While Porsche admits no fault and claims that there were no accidents or injuries caused by this glare, it decided to settle the lawsuit rather than head to court.

Many automakers use black or darker colored dashboards specifically to prevent this problem. Now we just need GM to stop using chrome or shiny plastic on the interior of its cars.

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