New Nissan Leaf will have fully autonomous parking

The new Nissan Leaf, which will be revealed on Sept. 5, is shaping up to be a showcase of autonomous technology. The company announced that it will feature ProPilot Park, an autonomous parking feature. The company says that the system will be capable of parking in parallel, angled, and traditional perpendicular spaces. It will even be able to pull forward into a perpendicular space or back into it.

Nissan illustrates how the system works in the video above. Simply press the button for the system before cruising by possible parking spots. When you find the spot you want and the system recognizes it as a viable spot, hold the parking button and let the Leaf do the rest. Unfortunately, Americans won't have the privilege of using this feature yet. It will only be available in Europe and Japan for the first model year, 2018. However, a Nissan representative told us that they "are looking at adding this feature for upcoming model years in the US."

This is the second ProPilot autonomous feature announced for the Leaf. The other feature is a self-driving function for use on highways. The Leaf will be capable of managing acceleration, braking, and steering on the highway from low speeds to freeway speeds. However, it is unable to handle changing lanes or leaving the highway.

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