Ford is sending the Focus RS off with a red, LSD-equipped bang

Ford is discontinuing the current generation Focus RS after the 2018 model year, and so it's making a special edition to cap off the car's run. The car doesn't get any special moniker, but it is loaded with some nifty goodies and visual changes. Immediately apparent is the new color, Race Red. It's one of two available colors, the other being Nitrous Blue. Both colors are accented by a black roof, mirrors, and rear wing, the latter of which has blue RS logos on each side.

The limited-edition RS also gets a significant mechanical upgrade. Unlike normal Focus RS models, this one gets a Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential for the front drive wheels. Ford says this should improve traction under acceleration and aid corner exit speed. Along with limited-slip differential, the car comes standard with forged 19-inch wheels. Naturally, they're painted black to match the mirrors, roof, and wing.

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This Focus RS receives some interior upgrades, too. It comes standard with the RS2 package, which includes voice-activated navigation, heated steering wheel, heated mirrors, and eight-way power-adjustable, heated Recaro seats wrapped in leather and microfiber. The door pulls, handbrake handle, and auxiliary gauge cluster all get carbon fiber trim, as well.

Only 1,500 of these Focus RS models will be sold in the US and Canada. The US will get 1,000, and Canada will get 500. Ford is taking orders for the car this summer, which will be the last opportunity to order an RS from this generation. The cars will be delivered in the fall.

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