Just before the Dodge Demon was unveiled, Hennessey revealed its Chevy-powered counterpoint, the Exorcist. It's a Camaro ZL1 with a new supercharger and tuning, among other things, and Hennessey rated it at 1,000 horsepower. Now the company has put it on the dyno to find out exactly how much power is being made. As it turns out, the car makes a whopping 959 horsepower at the wheels, which means at the crank, it's making more than the estimated 1,000 ponies. This also confirms that it makes substantially more power than the Demon, which produces 840 horsepower at the crank. You pay for the power, though, since the Exorcist's total price is also higher than the Demon's target price of under $100,000.

In case you have a hard time believing the numbers, Hennessey released a video of the car on the dyno, as well as the all-important dyno sheet with the numbers and power curve. The sheet shows that the engine's power and torque increase very linearly, which should make it all a bit easier to manage. The video also provides a good look at the engine bay. Interestingly, the larger supercharger Hennessey installed is not a roots-style blower like the ZL1's LT4 engine had. Instead, a centrifugal-style supercharger has been bolted in. And if the numbers and images aren't enough, you also get to hear the Exorcist's mean, but not deafening exhaust note in the video. Check it out above.

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