Watch as driver is ejected from tumbling Jeep - and then the remarkable happens

A motorist with a dashcam has captured the kind of crash you simply do not walk away from. But somehow, somebody did - a driver who was ejected from a careening, tumbling, disintegrating Jeep.

The crash was on I-65 in Mobile, Ala., earlier this week.

"A Mustang came flying by, and then a few seconds later a white Jeep came flying by, and I said to myself somebody's going to get in a wreck - I see that happening right now," AJ Calvin told Fox 10 TV.

Calvin captured the video in his work truck.

It shows the speeding vehicles clip, which sends the Jeep tumbling. It rolls over five or six times, flinging debris as it goes. Also sent flying - the driver.

But then the remarkable happens.

The man stands up, almost as if nothing had happened, then walks to the shoulder. Calvin said the Jeep's passenger was still in his seat.

The two went to a hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Presumably the driver was not wearing his seat belt, as, incredibly, many people still do not. But state troopers had not confirmed that.

"It was a miracle," Calvin said. "If that doesn't tell you to wear your seatbelt, I mean... I don't know.

"Speed kills and seat belts save lives!"


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