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Iron Man is just around the corner

Look, we get it, these past few months have been pretty insane for Translogic. It can be hard to keep the hype up. We've had the opportunity to check out vehicles like the Acura NSX, the Rimac Concept_One, and we even got a ride in a Koenigsegg Regera driven by Christian Von Koenigsegg himself. Sometimes you've got to know when to take a step back and take a breather. ... Except this obviously isn't one of those times, because on this episode of Translogic we got to check out AN ACTUAL FREAKIN' JETPACK.

Bucko and the crew started the adventure by heading out to a remote location to visit the testing grounds of Jetpack Aviation, where they happened to be conducting the first ever civilian jetpack trial. While talking to the co-founder of the company, Nelson Tyler, Bucko asks about the history leading up to this feat. At one point, Nelson mentions that they once figured out how to use nuclear fusion to achieve jetpack flight, but there was only one problem, "you fly over a crowd, they all die." Thankfully, that idea was abandoned for the current gas-powered model.

The second co-founder and primary pilot of the jetpack, David Mayman, took the time to give Bucko a rundown of the pack and even let him strap in. It has 200 pounds of thrust per jet engine, weighs 80 pounds, and of course comes stock with tons of safety features. After the rundown, we get prepared to witness the first untrained civilian test.

The lucky civilian is Mischa Pollack, and he is as psyched as a man could possibly be. After strapping in, he slowly starts to explore the controls and achieves liftoff. While not quite as proficient as Mayman, Mischa seems to have a relatively easy time getting up to speed controlling the pack. When asked how it was, Mischa responded, "It was wonderful!"

Check out the episode above to experience the full majesty of the experience, and don't forget to tune in to Autoblog every month for more exciting episodes of Translogic.

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