Driving Iron Man's Favorite Supercar, The Acura NSX | Translogic 215

Driving a hybrid has never been this fun

There's fast, and then there's 3 electric motors plus a twin-turbo 3.5L V6 fast. On this episode of Translogic, we're dealing exclusively with the latter.

Our host Jonathon Buckley heads to Atlanta, GA to experience the hybrid-electric power of the Acura NSX. Bucko even had the opportunity to chat with the car's chief engineer about how the NSX is evolving the segment, much like its predecessor did nearly 3 decades ago. "It's gonna change the automotive segment very much like that original car did," said Jason Widmer, Chief Engineer for the NSX. Referencing the all-aluminum body on the original car and the 3 extra electric motors on the current model, Jason brings to light some of the more leading edge pieces of technology in the vehicles.

Between the insanely smooth acceleration and the wonderfully loud engine noises, this is one hybrid that seems to give drivers the best of both worlds. This car has so much cool tech, it's no wonder it was Iron Man's vehicle of choice in the cinema blockbuster The Avengers. This is one car you have to see to believe so check out the episode above and see what we mean!

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