Ken Block and BJ Baldwin get a lot of attention for their wild stunt driving in their respective Gymkhana and Recoil series. But there's some other cool ones out there, like this video, called XP1K, featuring racing driver RJ Anderson with slightly smaller vehicles: side-by-sides. It's named after the Polaris XP series, and the latest, made by Mad Media and UTVUnderground, is called "XP1K4."

This particular video features Anderson in a Polaris RZR XP Turbo EPS, which in standard form features a 925-cc turbocharged two-cylinder engine making 168 horsepower. Anderson's is modified with different suspension, bigger velocity stacks, and 30-inch tires. All of these changes help him pilot his RZR over oodles of jumps, motocross-style "whoops," and even sliding down grind rails.

The most impressive stunts come toward the end, though. A "wall of death" was constructed for Anderson to drive up and around. For those unfamiliar, the "wall of death" is basically a giant barrel, and a vehicle can drive on it provided that it's going fast enough. Once he finishes with the wall, he departs through the bottom to head off to the grand finale: a backflip. Anderson cruises up a specially constructed ramp and does a full backflip that Mad Media says was 30 feet in the air. It's brilliantly fun to watch and has us wishing we had $25,000 to spend on an RZR XP Turbo.

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