Imagine being dropped off by helicopter in a highly tuned Polaris RZR XP 1000 side-by-side off-road vehicle, and the only way off is through a diabolical obstacle course challenging everything that the machine can do. That scenario is not the plot of a video game, although maybe it should be, but it's the premise of a fantastic video starring RJ Anderson and his custom offroader.
Anderson has to make it through some absolutely massive jumps to get off the mountaintop. According to the YouTube description, one of them is a new world record for a side-by-side with Anderson covering just over 170 feet. Even after all of the airtime, there are still plenty more harrowing stunts to get through.

We saw some of Anderson's skills last year in a video of him doing similar stunts in the California desert. But his efforts this time seem much more impressive. With trees leaving just a narrow gap in tight trails, the margin of error looks much smaller this time – there are times when Anderson looks mere inches away from ripping off a wheel or sliding off the mountain. If you need a dose of tremendously cool automotive stunts in your life, this is a clip you have to check out.

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