Although Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos are easily the best known automotive stunt films, they're not the only ones. Trophy truck driver BJ Baldwin has his own series of videos under the Recoil name, and they're basically the high-flying truck versions of Block's films. Now that he's been to Ensenada, Mexico, and chased Sasquatch, Baldwin's he took his latest Toyota Tundra down to Havana, Cuba for Recoil 4. While he was there, he found many things off which to jump.

The jumps are seriously impressive, whether they're over flights of steps or just hilly streets. One jump reaches a claimed distance of 191 feet. There's also plenty of powersliding, and a segment where Baldwin drives over a series of alternating logs, which really shows off the capabilities of this modified Tundra's suspension. Some of the more cinematic "story" elements at the beginning and end are a little corny, but these videos aren't meant to be serious. They're just meant to be fun and show off some sweet driving, of which Recoil 4 has plenty. Check it out above.

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