Lynk & Co's new concept car has some daring dihedral doors

The concept is called CCC for short.

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The new global brand developed by Chinese automaker Geely, using some of Volvo's proven know-how, is called Lynk & Co. The brand will produce hybrid and electric cars based on Volvo hardware, with a decidedly different design language, and the production cars will also be made available through car-sharing. So far, we've seen the absolutely not at all Porsche Cayenne resembling 01 model, and now – surprisingly – the second model has surfaced all of a sudden.

Earlier, there were reports that the "01" SUV would be followed by a saloon, and this concept appears to showcase its design. There are sharp lines and interesting dihedral doors, and not a lot of concrete information yet. The photos were made available via the website of a Swedish photographer and artist commissioned to shoot some fashion magazine-style portfolio shots of the concept.

Lynk & Co itself has a rather off-hand approach at the "photo leak," saying, "It's our cool design concept to show the design potential of the CMA platform. Unfortunately you won't be able to buy it. Unless you're Batman. Then you have one already." The company simply calls the concept CCC, or CMA Platform Concept Car. Perhaps it will reach production after the inevitable toning down has been completed.

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