As fun as The Fast and the Furious movies are, we should be glad that the events of the films never took place. Why? Because they would be extraordinarily expensive, that's why. Originally shared by The Hollywood Reporter, British insurance website Insure the Gap went through all seven current films and calculated an estimate for the damage to both cars and buildings that ensued in the films. The total was £419,446,914, or $523,222,275 at current exchange rates.

The website also broke down the damage by movie, types of damage, and damage by character. By far the film with the most damage and highest cost was Furious 7. In the film, characters caused enough damage to have cost over $250,000,000. That's roughly half of the damage cost for all seven movies. By contrast, the first five movies all caused less than $25,000,000 worth of damage individually.

Also, if you're looking to watch the most car friendly Fast and Furious films, we would recommend the first one, which had the lowest levels of cosmetic, "serious," and "special vehicle" damage. Furious 7, not surprisingly, had the most "special vehicle" and "serious" damage to cars, and 2 Fast 2 Furious had the most cosmetic damage.

Interestingly, the franchise's villains have collectively been less costly than the heroes. Their total comes in at $197,482,598, while the heroes rang up $325,709,517 worth of damage. On an individual basis, character Deckard Shaw destroyed a whopping $185,597,144 worth of stuff, which is about 94 percent of the villains' total. The second and third heavy hitters in cost are Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs.

There are even more statistics and fascinating infographics at the Insure the Gap website, and we encourage you to check them out. You'll also be able to catch the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious, on April 14. And judging by the ever-increasing carnage, Insure the Gap will have to update their analysis when the new movie is released.

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