Driver beaches BMW, becomes a laughingstock on national television

TV reporter offers color commentary as the tide comes in.

A man in Sydney, New South Wales, got a savage roasting in local media after bogging his BMW X5 to the axles on a Sydney-area beach yesterday.

There's very little context for what happened – it's not clear who the man is or how he managed to get the X5 stuck fast in the sand on Palm Beach with the tide coming up on him. What is clear is that both his hapless, ineffectual efforts to dig the Bimmer out and the savagery of a local television news reporter's color commentary on a video of the X5 driver's misadventure are both hilarious.

First, the X5 driver used a length of 2x4 for ... something? It's unclear what he thought he was going to do with it. Whatever his plan was, it didn't work. He then discarded the 2x4 and spent some time staring into his engine bay while holding a tow strap for some reason. I can assure you that there are no tow hooks under the hood of an X5. As our man flailed around, a larger, more capable-looking SUV came along and attempted to pull the X5 out. It immediately got stuck itself. Some onlookers were drafted to help dig, and the larger SUV escaped the sand and drove away. Eventually, a large tractor showed up and extracted the X5 before it could be claimed by the sea.

There are very few things as funny as watching someone with limited offroad knowledge get completely in over their head. Back in May there was this guy who buried his Wrangler at sea in New York. Then there were these European hoons who nearly got their Grand Cherokee washed away during an ill-conceived river fording.

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