There's an old maxim in off-roading that states, "Four-wheel drive doesn't keep you from getting stuck, it just gets you stuck in worse places." The truth of this statement was perfectly illustrated recently in a YouTube video of a Jeep Wrangler digging its own grave at the beach. On May 11, a YouTuber named Dan M uploaded a video he titled, "Drunk guy doesn't know how to off-road and ruins nice Jeep." The video, shot at dusk on a rocky looking beach, shows a blue Wrangler driving out into the surf without a care in the world. Dan, providing commentary along with an unseen female companion, was impressed with the Jeep driver's dash at first.

"Wow, he must do that a lot because he ain't scared of getting stuck or anything," said Dan.

As the Wrangler got deeper into the water, the Dan's friend expressed her doubts that the Jeep driver would make it out, especially when the Jeep got snagged on a little spit of sand sticking out into the water. Dan wasn't worried, however.

"No, he'll manage to get out of there, he'll make it out of there. He'll back out and get out," he said.

Dan's confidence in the Jeep driver was sadly misplaced, unfortunately. The driver managed to get the Jeep stuck on the sand bar then made the rookiest of rookie mistakes–he just gunned it.

"Oh man, he's done! He's done!" yelled Dan as the Jeep driver proceeded to dig a huge hole in the sand that sunk the Wrangler up to its frame just as the tide started coming in. With that kind of dunking, especially in salt water, that Wrangler was probably a total loss, much like the Grand Cherokee that got washed downriver last week somewhere in Europe.

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