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Driver beaches BMW, becomes a laughingstock on national television

TV reporter offers color commentary as the tide comes in.

Good job, mate. Real good job.

Inexperienced Jeep driver buries his Wrangler at sea

There's an old maxim in off-roading that states, "Four-wheel drive doesn't keep you from getting stuck, it just gets you stuck in worse places."

Disney's Beachbot sand-sketching robot is one bright buggy

Disney Research Zurich and the ETH Zurich Autonomous Systems Lab create the Beachbot, a programmable computer on wheels dragging a rake that can create drawings in the sand.

Size doesn't matter when using your car to flirt

Like it or not, summer is slowly sinking to a close. School is back in session and days are getting shorter by the moment, so you better get all of your beach-going shenanigans in while you still can. In the case of one very intrepid remote-control vehicle enthusiast, that means cruising the sand in an RC Jeep, complete with a first-person camera and intercom system for stirring up all sorts

Spain: VW's groovy Multivan Beach

Click image for a high-res gallery of the Multivan Beach

Beach beauties in Moscow lead to boosted cars

The last thing you expect when exiting your vehicle to witness a group of women stripping down and washing each other on the beach is for someone to jack your car, but that's exactly what dozens of Russian motorists encountered recently in Moscow thanks to a creative group of car thieves. The heist involved three attractive women who would stage their show at Balashikh Beach in Moscow. When hapless drivers would stop and get out of their cars to ogle, a gang of miscreants would swoop in and boos

Mitsubishi provides Mitch-mobiles to UK

The United Kingdom has tapped Mitsubishi to replace the country's aging fleet of sand skipping Mitch-mobiles (so named by us after this vehicle type's supporting role on the international hit show BayWatch) that serve and protect hapless Brits at the beach. The fleet will be comprised of L200 4Work double-cab pickups specially outfitted to aid British lifeguards in their daily duties. The modifications include custom racks carrying surf rescue boards, emergency lighting, an onboard PA s