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Cadillac caught testing the upcoming XT3 SUV again

More shots of the compact SUV have surfaced.

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Days ago, the Cadillac XT3 was caught covered in more black plastic bags than an average Home Depot can hold. Now, more photos have surfaced of the compact crossover doing cold weather testing, still wearing binliner camo.

There are still details that can be detected from underneath all the make-up, as the car wears a familiar Cadillac grille and edgy LED headlights. The rear shots do show tail lights fashioned into the camouflage, but those might be there just to throw everybody off: the C-pillars have lights way up from the usual spots, and that might be the location for the actual tail lights, giving the car characteristically narrow Cadillac style lighting in the rear.

To match the German competition in this segment, it is likely that the XT3 will be powered by four-cylinder turbocharged engines, and the intercooler under the front bumper can be a confirmation of this.

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