Why are Boss 302 and Bullitt Mustangs lurking in Ford marketing?

With an updated Ford Mustang set for 2018, fans are immediately speculating on possible special editions. Clearly they're hoping for something, and in the place of hard evidence, they're trying really hard to see something. Let's break down the most recent rumors involving Boss 302 and Bullitt models.

The Boss 302 appears in Ford press art, as spotted by a sharp-eyed FoxNews reader. Shown lurking in the background of an interior shot of the 2018 Mustang, a gray 302 with its unmistakable hockey-stick-styled stripe appears to be watching over its younger sibling. Does this portend anything? Or is Ford just being creative with its background imagery?

Then there's the curious case of a recent Ford video. Enthusiast forum Mustang6G reports that a green Stang – looking a lot like the famous Bullitt edition – appears in sketches during a video that shows the making of a commercial staring Dwayne Johnson. The site, which is serious about Stangs, points out the fake rear gas cap, wheels, and a header "S550 Mustang MCA," which in simple terms means the sketch is of a model scheduled for the refreshed model line. The Mustang sketches appear just after the three-minute part of the video.

You've got to be really looking for these things, and perhaps wanting to see something. Something that might or might not be there. Ford has always expanded the Mustang model range with special models. Will Bullitt and Boss 302 join the fold?

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