Wanxiang approved to build new Karma, Atlantic EVs in China

Up to 50,000 electric vehicles a year could come from new factory.

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Ever since buying the remnants of Fisker back in 2014, Wanxiang's plan has always included building new vehicles in China. We're one step closer to that, with the approval this month of Wanxiang's request to build electric vehicles in the country. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) says Wanxiang can build a new factory that can make up to 50,000 EVs a year.

As we noted back in August, the new Karma Automotive factory will not only build the revived model that used to be known as the Fisker Karma (now the Karma Revero) but also the never-made Atlantic. The Atlantic did exist in concept form in 2012, but Wanxiang's new factory might make it real. This makes sense, since the Valmet machines that built the Karma the first time around have been shipped from Finland to California for Wanxiang's new plant there. When Wanxiang relaunched the Karma website in 2014, it did so with the slogan, "Hello Future. Meet the Atlantic." Maybe it should have said, "Hello China," instead.

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