Watch as a driver in Manhattan makes 240 consecutive green lights

There is fun to be had even at reasonable speeds.

Despite what my wife says, winding a car out on a sweeping canyon road is a highly enjoyable experience. Not everyone has a canyon nearby, and even at reasonable speeds on surface roads in the middle of a major metropolitan area there's fun to be had. Just look at this video of a guy who managed to hit 240 consecutive green lights at 3 a.m. in Manhattan.

Driver Noah Forman managed to record the feat on the morning of December 6, 2016, in what appears to be a Toyota. What's really impressive is that the feat was accomplished without excessive speeding or dangerous weaving in traffic. The video is sped up for time, but it's obvious that Forman wasn't blasting about at wide open throttle. He passes cars here and there and slows down for a few red lights, but he times it so it will flip to green before he stops.

The fact that this feat is possible at all say a lot about the New York City system's efficiency. Fewer stops means quicker travel times and better fuel mileage. Yes, Forman's drive happened during off hours in order to avoid traffic, but sometimes those are the best times to get out and drive. A city takes on a new character that early in the morning, especially cities like New York or Los Angeles that are usually choked with traffic.

So wake up early, find some laid back music, and go explore your city. Trust me, it can be just as satisfying as tearing up a canyon switchback. There are all kinds of ways to have fun in a car.

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