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Futuristic Chinese Bus Concept | Autoblog Minute

China's Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) aims to improve the flow of traffic.

China has a bus concept that could impact the future of public transit. Could a bus like this work in the U.S.? Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.
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[00:00:00] A Chinese bus concept shows a vision for the future of public transportation. The Transit Elevated Bus or TEB rides high above the roadway allowing traffic to pass underneath. A scale model of the bus was shown at the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. While this model is new we first saw video of the concept several years ago. Video animation showed off the carrying capacity of 1,200 people and the elevator that allows passengers to board from street level.

[00:00:30] CCTV reports that trial operations are scheduled to begin at the end of 2016. More can be seen on the Youtube page, ChinaTBS. For Autoblog I'm Eddie Sabatini.

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