Tesla recalls 2,000 NEMA 14-30 charging adapters

The cause? Overheating.

Whether due to faulty auxiliary cable wiring in the Roadster, seatbelt issues, or overheating wall chargers, Tesla is no stranger to recalls. Today, Tesla is announcing a voluntary recall, this one for about 2,000 NEMA 14-30 charging adapter, which can be used to connect a charging cable to a 240-volt outlet. Two Tesla drivers said their 14-30 adapters overheated. Tesla stopped selling this adapter about two years ago, but brought it back earlier this year. Tesla said it is recalling the adapter, "out of an abundance of caution."

Until the automaker can send out replacements, Tesla is recommending that Model S or X owners refill their batteries in a different way, "such as with a Tesla Wall Connector or NEMA 14-50 adapter (if you have one), or by Supercharging," according to a statement obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Tesla will also recall its NEMA 10-30 and NEMA 6-50 adapters (total number of all recalled adapters is about 7,000 units), but says customers can keep on using them for now. "Although there have been no incidents with NEMA 10-30 or 6-50 adapters, they have some common elements with the NEMA 14-30, so we will be replacing those as well," Tesla said. Tesla also said that these three adapters are, "used by relatively few of our customers." The replacements will be sent out in the "next couple of weeks" for the 14-30 and "about three months" for the 10-30 and 6-50.

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