Bentley is recalling just 88 Bentaygas for loose screws

That's about a quarter of the Bentaygas on American roads.

The Basics: Bentley is recalling just 88 2017 Bentaygas for loose screws. That may seem like a small number, but it's a sizable portion of the 378 possibly affected vehicles. The vehicle has only been on sale for a very short while.

The Problem: According to Bentley and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some Bentaygas left the factory with seat and instrument panel joints improperly tightened. Essentially, the big, expensive SUV has a few screws loose. This was discovered when a routine systems check revealed missing torque data for 88 vehicles. The improperly tightened parts can work themselves free over time, increasing the risk of injury.

Injuries/Deaths: The Bentayga hasn't been on sale long enough for these improperly tightened parts to be a threat, so no injuries or deaths have been reported.

The Fix: Bentley will notify affected customers starting this month. Owners can take their Bentayga to a Bentley service center where a technician will inspect and adjust the parts free of charge. Concerned owners may contact Bentley customer service at 1-800-777-6923. Bentley's number for the recall is RE16/32.

If you own one: Sit tight, or as tightly as you can on your loose seat. Your Bentayga hasn't been on the road long enough for the parts to work themselves free. Wait for Bentley to issue you the recall, then go take your quarter-million-dollar SUV to your local dealer. Ask nicely, and Bentley will probably come pick it up.

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