Nissan is the latest automaker jumping on the free track time bandwagon, announcing that anyone that purchases a new 2017 GT-R between November 14, 2016 and March 31, 2017 will receive free, on-track tutelage at the notorious Virginia International Raceway.

According to Nissan, the track time and instruction carries a roughly $2,000 price tag, and comes baked into the starting total for the 2017 GT-R. Add that to the now-standard titanium exhaust – formerly a $12,900 option – and the $8,000 increase over the 2016 GT-R is a much easier pill to swallow. The $2,000 price includes technical training on one of VIR's five track configurations, provided your GT-R has completed its break-in procedures. Nissan says after owners complete their GT-R purchase, it will inform them of the next step to reserve their track time at VIR. Critically, this program doesn't void the cars' warranties.

Nissan's deal is different from the likes of the Ford Focus RS' Adrenaline Academy or the Fiat 124 Abarth Experience at Bondurant, of course, in that owners are using their personal vehicles – asking Nissan to provide a fleet of vehicles that cost $111,000 to $176,000 just for owners to lap on the track is very different than Ford or Fiat offering Miller Motorsports Park or Bondurant platoons of $40,000 hatchbacks and $30,000 convertibles. But like other outfits, owners are on the hook for their lodging, meals, and transportation to the event – although since students need to provide a car, we think we know how they'll get to VIR.

We reached out to Nissan to see if it could expand the VIR experience to Nismo-tuned vehicles, but per spokesman Dan Passe, Nissan is sticking with GT-R for now. Sorry 370Z, Juke, and Sentra owners.

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