NextEV unveils the NIO EP9 electric supercar in London

A megawatt of power and some impressive laptimes to back it up.

As we discussed NextEV's upcoming supercar a week ago, there was precious little info available apart from a few circulating images. But now, the wraps have come off the vehicle – and it now comes with a name, NIO EP9.

If a Nürburgring Nordschleife lap is a widely accepted benchmark by which speed is judged, the EP9 can be considered the fastest electric car in the world, thanks to its 7,05.12 EV laptime record around the 'Ring; quite a bit faster than the previous 7,22.329 record accomplished by a Toyota TMG EV P002 in 2012. To back that up, the EP9 also managed a 1,52.78 lap around the Paul Ricard circuit in France, besting the earlier electric vehicle lap record of two minutes, 40 seconds. To keep the vehicle's dirty side down, the aerodynamics have been honed to produce 24,000 Newtons of downforce at 240 kilometers an hour.

As claimed earlier, the EP9 manages a megawatt of power, or 1360 horsepower. There are four electric motors, with four gearboxes, accelerating the vehicle from standstill to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and to 200 km/h (124.3 mph) in just 7.1 seconds, continuing all the way to its top speed of 313 km/h or 200mph. NextEV says the battery system is swappable, able to be charged in 45 minutes and it provides a range of 427 km or 265 miles.
Interestingly, after all these thrilling numbers, NextEV hint of the possibility of applying autonomous technology to the EP9. The company states the, "integrated e-control structure and sensor system layout [...] could fit the latest autonomous driving technology." This sounds still slightly vague, and the comment is followed by a promise of "a joyful experience for users with digital interaction and instant sharing." It is difficult to say whether the interior design is optimized for posting selfies behind the wheel, while the EP9 does the driving. But with a 1360-horsepower electric supercar, the driving experience should be fascinating enough to be able to leave social media far behind.

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