This week's episode was recorded on Tuesday, before the election results came out. So David Gluckman and Mike Austin talk about cars instead. Maybe it will be a nice break for you. Topics include the BMW M3, Volvo S90, Honda's quirky satellite radio DVR, hatchbacks, and wagons. And of course the Miata.

The rundown is below. Remember, if you have a car-related question you'd like us to answer or you want questionable buying advice of your very own, send a message or a voice memo to podcast at autoblog dot com. And please send trivia questions! You'll get the honor of stumping your fellow listeners, and we'll thank you too.

Autoblog Podcast #492

Topics and stories we mention Rundown
  • Intro - 00:00
  • What we've been driving - 3:40
  • Listener questions - 30:22
Total Duration: 39:55

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