A neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas got quite a shake-up last month when a vehicle collision caused a city bus to crash through a resident's home.

According to KSAT, a pickup truck blew through a stop sign at the intersection of Haven Valley Drive and Spur Valley Street in Southwest San Antonio on October 17 and t-boned a VIA Metropolitan Transit bus. The force of the collision knocked the bus off course, causing it to crash into a nearby home, and the truck careened into a yard and crashed through a fence.

Footage from the VIA bus's onboard interior and exterior cameras recorded the crash and its immediate aftermath. The interior cameras caught the chaos of the initial collision, then the uncontrolled crash into the home. After the dust settled, cameras recorded the dazed driver performing a quick walk through of the the bus, calling the accident in, then escaping through the rear door. The bus's external camera caught the pickup crashing through the fence, then two people bailing out of the passenger door and running away, leaving the driver at the scene.

The bus driver was taken to a nearby hospital after reporting shoulder pain, but quickly returned to his route. The 18-year-old driver of the pickup was charged with driving without a license and driving without insurance.

The home that the bus crashed into sustained severe damage however, and has been declared uninhabitable until repairs can be made. It took the San Antonio Fire Department roughly two hours to stabilize and secure the house before the bus could be extracted.

Landon Lum, one of the home's residents, was home at the time of the incident.

"The whole room just broke apart and I was able to push something aside and get out of the door before the bus was completely in the room. I'm pretty sure it would have killed me," Lum told KSAT

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