Genovation wants to sell you an all-electric Corvette for $750,000

Or roughly three times the price of a Ferrari 488GTB.

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Genovation Cars currently holds the world record for the fastest street-legal electric vehicle with its Genovation Extreme Electric car. The GXE, which costs $330,000, managed to hit 205.6 mph earlier this year. Now, the Rockville, MD-based company is accepting pre-orders for its next-gen GXE, and it's getting a sizable price hike to $750,000.

The current GXE is based on the previous generation of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and features a 44-kWh battery pack, near-50/50 weight distribution, and a motor putting out roughly 600 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. The all-electric machine takes less than three seconds to get to 60 mph and has a range of roughly 130 miles – with a light foot. While those are definitely impressive figures, the next-gen GXE sound just slightly better.

The upcoming GXE will utilize the C7 Corvette Grand Sport as its starting point and uses improved battery management to boost power to 660 horsepower, while torque remains the same. The 50/50 weight distribution as well as maximum range will remain the same as on the current GXE. Genovation claims the exterior, which is rendered above, will be modified using green composites, and it and the interior will be uniquely designed on each copy. The car is likely to be lighter, as the Corvette shed weight from the C6 generation to C7, which will of course improve performance.

While the new Corvette Grand Sport is an incredible base to build off of, it's tough to see how the electric car is worth roughly 11 times as much as the gasoline-powered model and about twice the previous GXE. The one-off nature of the design has something to do with that, as does the limited run of 75 cars. And those throwback round taillights are pretty cool. Anyone who wants to get in line will have to fork $250,000 over to reserve a spot, and Genovation plans to deliver the cars at the end of 2019.

We'd bet the $750,000 price tag that Gene=ovation will make yet another record attempt with this new model once it becomes reality. You have to figure those bragging rights will be worth something, too.

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