A traffic cop in China got a nasty surprise last week when a car sped away from his checkpoint while he clung desperately to the hood.

According to The Sun, an officer in Xuzhou, China was manning a traffic checkpoint when an unidentified, dark colored sedan pulled up. When he approached the car, the driver apparently thought the checkpoint was optional and sped away with the hapless officer clinging to the windshield wipers.

The car sped through the city at speeds approaching 60 miles per hour, dodging in and out of traffic and taking turns at speed in an apparent attempt to shake the officer off the car. Dashcam video from inside the fleeing car shows the officer clinging to the hood like a limpet while shouting orders at the driver, who eventually decided to give the cop a break and pulled over after about two kilometers. The look on the cop's face as he dismounts the car–a mix of fear, pain, disbelief, and hurt reproachfulness–is priceless, and thankfully he escaped with little more than some bruising and a good story to tell the guys back at the station house. The unidentified driver was apparently drunk and was arrested at the scene.

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