After an apparent mix-up, FCA may be looking for a new scrapyard to which to send prototype parts. member Redrockjk recently purchased a used Wrangler hood from a yard near the FCA proving grounds. When he ordered it, he thought it was from a 2014 model, and while it looked very similar to his current hood, after installing he discovered something unusual. It was too long.

From what we can see in the photos from, the leading edge of the hood sticks out roughly two inches from the top of the Wrangler's grille. The greater length is also clear when the hood is placed next to its likely predecessor. The receivers for the exposed latches are also too far forward to be used on a current Wrangler. Redrockjk also said there wasn't a VIN or a part number anywhere on the hood. As if those details weren't a big enough red flag, Redrockjk reported that the used parts supplier contacted him to ask for the hood back.

We reached out to Jeep to see if they could confirm if this is a hood for the next-generation Wrangler. Unsurprisingly, the company had no comment at this time. Considering the details, and the proximity of the scrapyard to an FCA proving ground, there's a better than zero chance this is from a pre-production 2018 Wrangler sent to the yard to be scrapped.

No word on whether the hood was aluminum, as has been rumored. Except for the length, the part fits pretty well on the current model. The hood vents present are also similar to those found on some current models. It's one more piece of evidence that the next Wrangler won't stray far from a proven formula.

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